Various causes of Shoulder Blade Pain, When to see a doctor

Shoulder pain is a severe type of pain, which can cause due to many factors such as poor posture, overuse of joints & shoulder, heart disorders, and so on. You need to visit the doctor in this condition because treatment of this condition is necessary otherwise it will lead you to serious condition.

Shoulder blade pain is a very common type of pain, which leads you to discomfort, chronic pain, and swelling as well. If you are struggling to get rid of this condition then must visit our ortho doctor once, because he has specialization in shoulder pain treatment.

Well, first of all, you need to understand the causes of shoulder blade pain. These include-:

  • Poor posture
  • Improper lifting technique
  • Overuse
  • dislocated rib
  • excessive exercise
  • and so on.

These all the causes of shoulder blade pain are explained as below-:

Poor posture

Standing or sitting the entire day, will lead you to many health conditions, in which shoulder blade pain is on the peak. This condition usually occurs due to poor posture, which means people who stand or sit for long usually experience this type of pain.

Improper lifting technique

Well, this condition is also experienced by those who lift so many things at one time without any help. This improper lifting technique leads to severe pain and swelling as well, which need medical treatment, or proper rest for some days.

Overuse of your shoulder and joints

This is basically a problem of athletes and other sports person. But sometimes normal person also overuse their shoulder which is further linked to problems such as discomfort, pain, and irritation. Another cause of shoulder blade pain is excessive exercise because it is responsible for stretching of muscles and joints.

Dislocated rib

You may experience shoulder blade pain due to dislocated or misaligned rib after the repetitive strain. You may experience a difficulty breathing due to this condition. In this condition, you need to visit the doctor so that you can get the right treatment. But if you are suffering from the more serious condition then he may suggest you shoulder replacement medical procedure.

When you should see a doctor?

Well, millions of people leave their condition untreated, but it can lead to serious conditions. If you are suffering from chronic pain, then must visit the doctor so that he can examine you properly and give you the right treatment.

You can also visit the doctor in below-mentioned conditions-:

  • pain, swelling, or redness
  • shortness of breath
  • paralysis on one side of your body
  • chest pain
  • rapid heartbeat
  • excessive sweating
  • loss of consciousness
  • coughing and fever
  • loss of vision

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