Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Tlif Back-s Surgery

Spinal fusion is a surgical method to stabilize the spinal vertebra and the disc among the vertebra. Lumbar fusion surgery is made to develop a durable bone between the adjacent vertebra to prevent any motion among the bones. The procedure helps to relieve nerve pain.

The surgery is suggested in conditions including degenerative disc problems or disc herniations. It is performed by Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) technique.

Spine Fusion by TLIF method

  1. Surgical hardware is implemented on the spine to improve the fusion rate. The Pedicle screws and rods are connected to the Vertebra back and an interbody fusion spacer is inserted into the disc space from either side of spine.
  2. Bone graft is inserted in the interbody space and adjacent the back of the vertebra that needs to be fused. A bone graft received from the patient’s pelvis however bone graft substitutes are also used in few cases
  3. While the bone graft recovers, it fuses the upper and lower of vertebra and develops a long bone.

TLIF fuses the front and back columns of the spine by a single posterior method.

  1. The front part of the spine is stabilized by bone graft and the interbody spacer

The back column is sealed in position with pedicle screws, rods and bone graft.

Advantages of TLIF surgery

  1. Bone fusion is improved as bone graft is kept adjacent to the gutters of the spine in back position however in the disc space.
  2. A spacer is added in the disc space that allows to restore the normal height and opens up nerve foramina to relieve the pressure on nerve roots.
  3. A TLIF procedure permits the surgeon to insert the bone graft and spacer in the disc space from unilateral way in lateral position without the need to forcefully retract the nerve roots that may limit the wound and scars on the nerve roots as compared to a PLIF technique.

Considering the various types of lumbar spine fusion, before the TLIF surgery, medical approval is received. You should quit smoking and blood donation may be needed before the procedure.