Tips To Keep Shoulder Strong For Long Time

Our shoulder consists of four-muscle-set which surrounds the joint. The system is akin to a network of cables of a suspension bridge. They help in coordinating the shoulder movement and enhancing its stability. If this area incurs an injury, it results in pain and limited movement. While some athletes don’t have much to do with their shoulders, the case is different if we are talking about throwers.

Athletes who indulge in throwing activities are more susceptible. Of course, various measures for shoulder pain treatment are available, but we would like to prevent you from getting injured in the first place. Here’s how you can prevent your rotator muscles from getting damaged.

  1. Stretch

It has been suggested prior to all forms of exercises and even yoga. So how can it be overlooked before throwing and other shoulder exercises? Stretch and you will benefit greatly as it helps the body to transit from the sedentary mode into the exercise mode. It results in improved flexibility, reduction of tension in the joint area and prevention of wear and tear. It also improves blood circulation.

  1. Strengthen 

Use focused exercises to strengthen the muscles. The exercises need not be heavy stuff. Specific exercise exercises have been suggested by the specialists to grant strength to the muscles.

You can achieve your objective by using movements with light resistance.

  1. Focus on the core and lower structure

Concentrate on strengthening the core and the lower structure of the system. A strong core and lower musculature will help in improving the coordination of muscles while throwing. It will also help in preventing the overuse of the rotator. If any injury is incurred, then one can always opt for a visit to an ortho doctor.

  1. Use proper throwing mechanics

If you are unlucky enough to incur an injury, you must enroll for a throwing program which will help you in retraining yourself to throw using proper mechanics. This way, you will have fewer chances of injury.

  1. Use of ice and anti-inflammatories for injuries

Good old ice is the magic treatment you need after a shoulder injury. Ice works wonders in such cases. Some over the counter medicines are well known for their anti-inflammation properties. Using them will also ease the pain. The symptoms may persist even after using ice and anti-inflammatories. If your condition has not improved after these measures, it is better to show yourself to a doctor.

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