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Sports Injury

Arthritis is not the only problem faced by sportsmen or athletes. The problem may range from their shoulders, knees, legs, feet and neck. All these problems cannot be conquered by treatments in hospitals

Fractures, dislocation of the bones, muscle pain are experienced and it affects their mobility and exercises

The may require surgeries to stop pain and future complications. When a person is an athletic, possible solutions have to be provided to get back to the field. That is a profession and this does not only happen to them only but also other people with severe accidents and injuries

The best sports injury hospital in Ludhiana can provide the needed treatment and surgery for all kinds of patients. This ranges from children, adults and the old.

How are complications diagnosed?

At times, the patient’s interactions with the doctor may not bring out the real problem, so, the surgeon will have a conversation with a radiologist about the same issue where more analysis is done with X-rays and the major problem is discovered

Depending on the patient’s difficulties, the surgeon can also determine the problem.

X-rays are used and examinations of the patient

Treatment of complications

  • After a surgeon’s examination, a patient may have a surgery if that is the best treatment for the patient.

This may happen in the case of Superior Labral Anterior to Posterior Tear and severe injuries. This happens when a person strains his shoulder and it produces pain while he or she throws and performs his practices

  • Physiotherapy is another treatment that can be performed at home or at the hospital. It has many procedures to help a patient recover
  • PRICE Therapy, oral drugs, and injections can be used
  • Physical therapists’ simple exercises can also help a patient

Recovery Time

This generally depends on the type of surgery; some are severe while others are minor

The patient can have just a few weeks and then return to his work and sports activities

Physical therapy after surgeries will also speed up the healing process and effect mobility and movement.