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Spine Surgery

Severe back pain for a long span may even affect your spine cord therefore you should get a treatment soon. In some cases, surgery is the sole treatment. Fortunately, many back problems can be fixed with general treatments and do not need invasive procedures.

Aging, trauma and structural issues can affect your spine causing back pain and other problems. Severe back pain normally requires diagnosis by a team of physicians. Before you choose the spine surgery, consult with your specialists for possible options. An investment in time to collect information enables you to make decision to improve your lifestyle by correcting your spine problems.

Considering the general spinal surgeries, a non-operative procedure like physical therapy and pain medicine or bracing is observed prior the surgery is performed. The basic duration for conservative procedure goes between 6 weeks to 6 months. Spine surgery is preferred if general treatment methods like medicines and physical therapies could not offer the required results. Surgery should be chosen only after determining the main cause of pain for example spinal stenosis, scoliosis and herniated disc. Spine surgery should be performed by expert physicians.

A general notice

The backbone, muscles, and joints are the poles of our bodies. These can make life happier or a disaster.

The most important determinant of our life is good health. You can move mountains and plan a fruitful future with good health but when it is threatened, worries increase for even making it through a night

Spine surgeries have advanced in the recently just because surgeons have vast information and advanced equipment to carry them out. They are safer and the recovery period is short because there are no large cuts made.

A patient can completely be cured of all kinds of pain and disorders

What are spinal surgeries?

These are surgeries carried out to stop pain, deformation or fracture in the spine. This commonly happens in the back of an individual. A surgeon has to thoroughly examine a patient and depending on the patient’s experiences, the doctor can find the particular type of surgery that a patient needs.

These surgeries are carried out by orthopaedic surgeons or neurosurgeons. They are highly specialized and technically skilled. These surgeries were not common in the past but due to awareness and evolution of the medical field, they have helped people have a better life

79% of the people in the world can be affected by back pain in their lifetime and the percentage can increase when teenagers are and other common back pains are considered

Due to advancement in the field, surgeons can perform these minimally invasive surgeries which prevent making deep cuts, wounds, and bleeding. The time in the theater room is also short since the hospitals are well equipped

The patient’s risk towards over bleeding and infections are minimized just because the surgery is not much complicated like in the past. There is an expected short recovery period and the patient can return to his work in a few days

Aims of the surgery

It is important to note that there are different types of spine surgeries as will be explained later. They start from the simpler to more complicated surgeries depending on the type of injury a patient has

The surgeries are performed to;

  • Stop pain due to injury of the nerves
  • Treat Spina Bifida and sciatica
  • Correct deformities, fractures, and dislocation
  • Correct disc problems in the back and neck
  • Treat spinal stenosis and other problems

Procedures or types of spinal surgeries in India

The best surgeon of spine surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab explains that there are many types of surgeries and they can help a patient sit and walk without pain or difficulty

Some surgeries are performed immediately when a patient has got a severe accident while others are performed after other treatments have failed and examinations done.

The best surgeon at our hospital can choose the best type of surgery for you. The types are;

Spine Decompression Surgery

This surgery is performed to eradicate pain that is caused by an effect on the nerve roots. The source of oppression is removed through this minimally invasive procedure. The spinal cord can then function normally without producing pain on a patient

Spine Disc replacement surgery

You can as well call it spine fusion surgery. It is performed on the Lumbar spine or the cervical spine. It is done by replacing the natural disc with an artificial disc in order to stop the pain. This can be caused when the spine is worn out or injured by an accident and it can not perform as desired

With the latest technology of 3D, a patient can get a perfect replacement

Microscopic spine surgeries

This kind of surgery is done to prevent the inner part of the nucleus Pulposus, the disc from coming out and exert pressure on the spinal cord. This can happen when the lumbar disc is torn or worn out.

The inner parts can exert pressure on the nerves hence causing pain that requires a surgery to be stopped and for correction of the parts and their location

Spine Tumor surgeries

There are different types of spine tumors, for example, speedy and slow spine tumors. These are the crucial type of spine surgeries and a surgeon has to follow the average period of time a patient may live. It is very important to have an X-ray done since it can reveal many disorders.

Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy surgery

It is another surgery performed to eradicate pain. It is minimally invasive and the patient is not exposed to big wounds but it is more complicated than other surgeries. Not all surgeons can perform it

Spinal Bifida surgery

It is a surgery performed mostly in children to prevent and correct deformity and prevent the spread of infections. It is important since reluctance can cause quick and further spread of infection. It is meant to close the exposed parts and their pressure on the tissue.

Spine Osteotomy

It is another kind of spine surgery where a part of the spine is removed to relieve pain. The spine here may be completely removed or partially removed as the surgeon may recommend. They are done to stop pain and in post-traumatic, congenital and scheuermanns.

Recovery period of spine surgeries

It ranges from days, weeks to months. These are severe surgeries generally but a patient can also recover from them quickly when the type of surgery was minor.

More complicated surgeries may take some time but in all of them, the surgeon has to follow up the patient in the hospital and after his discharge. Meet the best surgeon at the best spine surgery hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab for better treatment.


Factors like aging, trauma and structural can lead to the back pain for even sometime long span so it can affect your spine cord. In such cases you can be recommended for the spine surgery after the complete diagnosis of your problem.

However spine surgery is the invasive treatment and can reduce your pain and restore your mobility but before undergoing the surgery you must have the information about its advantages and potential risks associated with it so that you can take the rational decision.


  • It is effective treatment that can give you relief from pain
  • It enable you to move around in better way after surgery
  • It is painless procedure that can strengthen your back muscles
  • After surgery you may feel more physically fit and even it improves your mood swings
  • After surgery you can get rid from the pain relief medicines up to great extent
  • You can resume your activities and work with more productivity


It is safe procedure for solving back problems but sometime this surgery have degree of risk as follows

  • Reaction to anesthesia or other drugs
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • In rare cases heart attack or stroke
  • Herniated disk
  • Nerve damage that can lead to weakness, paralysis, pain, sexual dysfunction and even sometime loss of bowel or bladder control

But all these risks can be minimized with the extreme care, knowledge, state of art and experience of the surgeon so it is important to choose the best surgeon so that you could have treatment without any potential risk.


We are well known in providing high quality treatment with extreme care that help the people to get relief from the pain and resume mobility without any odd risk associated with the surgeries

  • We have team of expert and experienced surgeons, technicians and other supportive professionals
  • We offer surgery with quality spine care and diagnostic techniques
  • We offer treatment with pioneered and minimal invasive techniques
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Due to the effective results of these surgeries, these are widely accepted all over India. On average basic there are 2000 hospitals in India that offer spine surgeries and even 500 multi specialty neuro-surgery hospitals that have expertise in performing highly complex spine surgeries.

India is known for its medical tourism only because of its low cost offered treatments. The cost of spine surgery in India ranges from $ 4000- 5000 which is approximately 20% less than the cost in other countries like USA, UK. However the low cost surgery is offered in India without any compromise of the quality of treatment

Leading neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons that have specialization can perform successful spine surgery. In India surgeons are extremely skilled and well trained for the spine surgeries that can offer least invasive surgeries

Yes, in well known reputed and registered hospitals, several dedicated and specialized spine surgeons perform surgeries. Most of the surgeons in such hospitals are well experienced and expertise in utilizing their skills for cutting edge surgeries.

Yes, several reforms have been done in this field like the other treatments in medical science. Indian hospitals are also connected with these global trends and they are expertise in using shape metal alloys that are latest in scoliosis management,

Yes only the certified hospitals or multi specialty centers can offer the spine surgery and even there is need of internationally recognized quality certification

As discussed earlier India is known for its low cost but high quality spine surgeries so the success rate is quite higher in India which has even set benchmark for other countries.