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Shoulder Pain Causes and Treatment

A shoulder is made of three bones- upper arm, shoulder blade and collarbone that together allow a versatile motion of arm. Any kind of adverse effect on shoulder creates a negative impact on free motion and causes severe pain.  The shoulder joint is highly mobile in nature that allows to moves shoulder front and back, and arm to move in circle and more types of motion.

Cause of shoulder pain

A shoulder can get hurt by severe manual work, play games or frequent movement. The major shoulder problems are caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Instability
  • Tendon inflammation or tendon damage
  • Bone wear
  • Torn Cartilage
  • Swelling in bursa sacs (shoulder protector)
  • Serious conditions including injury to spinal cord and heart attack

In few cases, shoulder pain is caused by injury to another part of body such as neck or bicep.

Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain

Initially the cause of shoulder pain is determined by evaluating the history of patient and through a physical examination. Sensitivity and swelling is diagnosed in addition of examining the range of motions and joint stability. X-ray or MRI are also performed to help in the diagnosis.

Treatment options for Shoulder Pain

Treatment is based on cause and extent of shoulder pain. The treatment options followed are physical or occupation therapy, sling or shoulder immobilizer and surgery. A physician can also suggest anti-inflammatory drugs.

Protection from Shoulder pain

The shoulder pain can be prevented with simple stretches and exercises that strengthen the muscles and tendons.