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Patient specific knee replacement

At Joints and Spine Centre, you will receive the extensive facilities for customizing your own personalized equipments to successfully perform for your knee replacement. Once the decision is made, an MRI of your knees is taken to evaluate the full structure of your knee joint. MRI is sent to the manufacturing unit in USA where a prosthesis of your knee is developed for your surgery.

These equipments are then supplied to us that are required during your knee replacement. With the advanced techniques, a customized operation is conducted individually for you to offer the highly accurate results. In this way, the surgery becomes easier and faster recovery is offered with prolong success of the prosthesis implant. Our surgeon performs the knee replacement surgery by ensuring the precise and reproducible guide fixation. Our specific knee replacement facility is the next generation of surgical knee replacement procedure that allows a physician to view the anatomy of patient’ knee to develop a tailored plan for them.