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Do you need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Musculoskeletal issues have become an issue in the current years. This is due to the accidents, injuries or due to old age and other causes. In the past, we could only worry about bone and muscle problems in the old age but these days, children and young adults face the issues.

Wear and tear of joints and diseases like bone cancer, osteogenesis imperfect and infections are seriously damaging our everyday activities. Here at Spine and Joint centre we help you diagnose, test and treat your bone muscles and bones. Dr. N.K. Aggarwal a specialist and an expert in joint and hip replacement has made things easier. He is dedicated and looks up to the best treatment of his patients to shorten the recovery time and return to your normal duties as soon as possible.

Some of the treatments and surgeries conducted by Dr. N. K. Aggarwal at Joint & Spine centre include;

Hip Replacement surgery

Under this category, total hip replacements and arthroplasty, joint replacement, elbow and shoulder replacements are done.

Spine surgery

In case of lower back pain and hip pain, they can be treated by stabilizing the spine, minimally invasive microdiscectomy.

Cervical and Lumbar Hip Replacement

This is carried out to extract damaged cervical disc and then replacing it with an artificial disc.

Paediatric Orthopedic surgeries

These are done in case of fractures, deformity, and diseases and they can also be due to sports injuries.

In the case of need for a revision, that can also be conducted by our specialist especially for the new patients. The surgeries are conducted with the best technology and equipment. There is no pain felt during the surgery since they are performed after anesthesia administration and through a small incision.


With the latest new developments of physiotherapy at your doorstep and a 50% off on consultation, we intend to reach many patients as possible and extend affordable treatments to everyone. There are different departments that have specialized responsibilities for the patients. The best staff diagnoses your elbows, shoulders, spine, feet and joints to cure your diseases. The best orthopedic surgeries in Ludhiana are carried out only at our centre with the best specialist.

Joint & Spine centre is aiming at making your life better by offering you the best treatment at affordable costs. We examine all our patients and provide a friendly environment for you to feel at home. We handle indoor and outdoor patients since that’s our mission

Joint & Spine centre works on patients from all around India and outside the country. Major surgeries are done almost every day and there is a remarkable change in the patient’s life. We treat all kinds of patients that are children, adults and the old with any kind of problem regarding the musculoskeletal system.


The best treatment for Orthopedic surgeries in Ludhiana, India is done at Joint and Spine centre that handles all muscle, joints, shoulder pain and any injury caused due to any sports activity. Meet the best surgeon and have a short recovery period