Life After Knee Replacement Surgery

After receiving your knee replacement surgery and getting post-operative care, you can move your knee within 100 to 120 degrees and feel fit for your routine tasks for exmaple walk and climb stairs. You will also become able to take part in activities that you were in before the surgery. Many people after recieving the total knee repalcement rejoin activities such as walking, swimming, driving, light hikings, biking, ballroom dancing and stair climbing without any problem.

Which activities should be avoided after surgery

However the surgery significantly improves your activity level, but you should avoid stressful activities. The activities that you can join are- running, contact and jumping sports and aerobics but avoid extensive walking, hiking, skininhg, regular lifting more than 50 pounds and frequent aerobic stair climbing.

Age of your replaced knee

A normal replaced implant serves for 10 to 15 years, after that the damaged implant components can be replaced again with new parts. However the surgery should be performed by skilled surgeons to ensure the correct placement of the new parts. Knee transplant surgery has an extensive potential to make your life better by enabling you to be active and take part in your routine activities.