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Joint replacement surgery is the revolutionary advancement of the medical science that involves the replacement of damaged and painful joint with the new one. Joints like knee, hip and shoulder where the two or more bones come together are treated in this surgery by the specialist called orthopaedic surgeon.  During the surgery as per the extent of problem sometime whole joint and sometime only the damaged parts of joints are fixed.

This replacement surgery can improve the living, mobility of patient by removing the pain. This surgery is generally done for hips, knees, shoulders, fingers, ankles and elbows


There can be various conditions in which your doctor can recommend you for the joint replacement surgery as follows

  • If the joint like knee become bowed due to severe arthritis
  • If you are suffering from the severe joint pain or stiffness that is preventing you to do your daily activities
  • If the patient has moderate or severe joint pain either at day or at night time then also this surgery can be recommended to relieve pain
  • Chronic joint inflammation and swelling that is not reducing with rest or medications
  • Joint deformity


Joint replacement surgery is the painless and safe procedure to remove pain and restore the proper functioning of joint.

This surgery is done under the anesthesia so that patient could feel comfortable and have painless surgery. Sometime regional or sometime the general anesthesia is used according to the extent of problem and area treated as one is only to numb one part of body and other will lead the patient to sleep respectively.

Then the damaged joint is replaced with the artificial joint by the surgeon however the procedure for joint replacement is different for the different joints. Even the surgery may differ according to the extent of problem means either it can be total joint replacement surgery or it can be partial joint replacement surgery in which only damaged part of the joint is replaced.

Duration for the surgery also depends on the type of surgery but on average basis it is surgery of 2-3 hours and after that patient is shifted to recovery room. Depending on the joint fixed, recovery also varies but generally patient can resume his activities in 2-3 weeks and after 3 months patient get fully recovered.


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