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Spine Fixation

Spinal Fixation is also called Vertebral fixation is an orthopedic surgery in which two or more vertebrae are anchored to each other through a synthetic “vertebral fixation device, with the aim of reducing spinal mobility and avoiding less damage to the spinal cord or the roots. Spine Fixation is simply called a spine fusion surgery as it is controlled and managed by a device. In simple terms, it uses the surgical process to implant titanium or non-metallic device into the spine for the permanent solution to the stability for the spine.

Treating Spine Fixation implants with:

  • Plates and Expandable cages
  • Artificial Discs, Rods and Connectors
  • Interspinous stabilization device to help to fit into the spine
  • Sacroiliac joint fixation devices
  • Interbody devices that support bones between or in place of them

Symptoms of Spine Problem

Some of the reason for Spine Problems are:

  • Problem in walking and movement
  • Loss of control of bladder and bowels
  • Spine injury occurred due to accident
  • Genetic old age problems
  • Inability to move the arms or legs
  • Pain, Pressure, and Stiffness in the back area or neck

Due to these problems, the spine needs fixation if the case is critical and needs spine surgery, in most cases due to Adult degenerative Scoliosis, Cervical Disc Herniation and Cervical Myelopathy which causes the spine to have a treatment in a better way.

Proper Diet and Precaution

Proper diet and health precautions are recommended by the doctors before or after the surgery are taken to eat right to heal fast. In most cases after the surgery, proper supplements and diet precautions like Vitamin and supplements consumed.

Protein is the key nutrient required for the bones for healing after the surgery, for proper extra calories should come from eggs, poultry and fish, tofu, and other quality protein foods. Low-fat dairy products are the good supplement of protein that also provide calcium and Vitamin D you need to restore your bones, specially skimmed milk products good for healthy bones.

Iron and Magnesium supplements are good for bones to rebuild them to be healthy. As well, Vitamin K and eating foods rich will build strong spinal bones and prevent wearing of health problems such as spinal fracture. Supplements should be taken after consulting your doctors.

Talking about exercises should be avoided but after the fusion heals you can go for low-impact exercise like walking or stretching because it avoids unwanted movement or motion to the spine and it heals the bones.

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