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Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery involves the removal of affected hip joint due to arthritis and its replacement with an artificial joint made from metal or durable plastic. The surgery is recommended if the other treatment options do not offer the required results. Hip replacement surgery relieves a painful hip joint and allows you to walk easily.

Advanced hip replacement surgery is performed by using nominally invasive method under general anaesthesia to relax muscles and allows you to stay comfortable during the procedure. A spinal anaesthetic may be used to help relieve a pain. The procedure should only be performed by an expert surgeon.


Hip replacement is the surgical procedure done under anesthesia in which painful hip joint is replaced with the artificial implant. It is beneficial treatment option for the arthritis patients or who have severe injury or fracture in the joints.

Dr. N.K.Aggarwal is experienced and qualified surgeon for performing hip replacement surgery with effective and safe results. He pioneers the Total Hip Joint Replacement In Ludhiana, Punjab.


After the first surgery of hip replacement in India in 1970 this procedure caught popularity among the people due to its magical results. India has become leader now in this field of hip replacement surgery both in terms of experience and expertise.

This surgery has up to 99% success ratio in India so it is the prime reason that people go for Total Hip Replacement Surgery In India.

This surgery is performed due to various reasons like pain in joints, injuries or fracture however the painful joint is main reason of replacement. Hip joint pain can be due to reasons like osteoarthritis, or secondary arthritis, trauma accident, dislocations /fractures, Rheurnatoid arthritis and even due to lack of blood flow in the joints or bones. So in the surgery painful part of the hip is replaced with the artificial hip implant called prosthesis. Prosthesis is the device that substitutes the hip joint and helps the patient to get relief from pain and to resume his function.

Prosthesis consists the metal component that are stem, socket and ball and the outer part of the socket is made up of metal and iner shell of plastic. Even in some cases entire socket of plastic os used by the surgeons for replacement.


Total hip replacement is the procedure in which femur means thighbone head is completely removed and replaced. There are two types of artificial replacements one is cemented prosthesis and other is uncemented prosthesis.

Both the prosthesis are widely used in India and replaces the damaged part of hip to give relief from joint pain


In India there are many benefits to choose this surgery like

  • The surgery is done by only experts with strong academic credentials
  • Surgeons in India are well trained and experienced in performing safe and successful hip replacement surgery
  • This procedure is performed in ultra modern operation theaters of even class 100
  • The devices , machines and technology used in India is all latest and world proven that can give the best results of surgery
  • In India the best hospitals that perform this surgery have 99% success ratio
  • Surgeries are performed with the aid of digital and computerized techniques
  • Patients can have world best quality treatment in India at affordable cost as here the hip replacements surgeries are done at low cost but without sacrifice of quality


Cost of the procedure may differ according to the region, center and even in different countries there is different cost. Mainly the cost is decided on the factors like experience and qualification of the surgeon, technology used, prosthesis used etc but patients can low cost hip replacement surgeries at Joint And Spine Center Ludhiana as compared to other centers