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Foot And Hand Trauma

We are faced with risks each day of our lives and these cause pain and damage to our bones and joints. The common sources of foot and hand trauma are accidents, injuries from sports, exercises and falling from high heights

The best Foot and Hand Trauma center in Ludhiana, Punjab works on various patients of all ages in a single year. This treatment has helped many patients get back on their feet again

What is Foot and Hand Trauma

These are pains and disorders experienced by patients due to sudden accidents and injuries. These affect the bones and joints that cause dislocation, immobility, and pain while moving or bending.

These problems can be faced by all kinds of people and they affect their wrists, ankles, fingers, feet and hands

This is what happens in Foot and Hand Trauma, care and treatment

  • Depending on the kind of damage, treatment and care is offered
  • This after proper examination, diagnosing and carrying out some tests and X-rays
  • There are specialized surgeons who may carry out the surgeries and other experienced staff to take care of you
  • Due to the latest developments in this field, there are implants and 3D feet for patients who may require them
  • Services may be done at home or at the hospital depending on how severe the injury is

The cost of these services range from the kind of treatment needed by a patient to other requirements in case of implants but apart from that, they are affordable. The doctors and nurses will help you throughout the course of treatment.

Medical attention is required and a patient should not live with chronic pain. Fractures, pain while twisting the arm or the hand, feet can all be treated to allow easy movements