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Elbow Joint Replacement surgery

Elbow joint replacement procedure is the one of the advanced procedure of medical science that can effectively work for problems caused by the arthritis of elbow. This surgical procedure is perfect solution for the patients that are suffering from the damaged joints due to fractures.

It is effective and revolutionary procedure used for the joint replacement of the damaged elbow to reduce the pain and restore mobility. Basically this surgery is the replacement of the bones of joint with artificial joint parts that has two stems made up of high quality metal. It is painless and safe procedure for the replacement of damaged elbow joint.


Mainly three bones combine in the human elbow joint that are the humerus bone of upper arm, ulna and radius bone of forearm, out of three two bones humerus and ulna meet at elbow to form a hinge. Hinge formed by two bones allow our arm to straighten and bend. When the large triceps muscle attached to the point of ulna contracts then it straightens out our elbow and when the biceps muscles in the front of arm contracts then it bend our elbow.

Bones of elbow joint are covered with the slick and smooth material called articular cartilage and it protects the bone ends from friction resulted due to movement of elbow.

Further the connection of radius of having upper end round, to the humerus bone allows the rotation of the forearm. The round end radius turns against the ulna bone and humerus bone as the forearm and hand turn from the palm down to up.


Elbow joint replacement surgery is widely accepted solution for the severely damaged painful elbow joint. The artificial joint replaces the damaged part of joint with metal and plastic parts, especially designed to fit together and rub against each other.

Due to arthritis of two type’s degenerative or systematic arthritis, generally patients go for artificial elbow replacement. Degenerative arthritis can be result of the damaged joint caused by injury. This condition may not show up even after many years of injury.

Systematic arthritis is basically disease that may affect many or even sometime all joints in the body. Most common type of this condition is rheumatoid and is caused due to destruction of the joints’ articular cartilage lining.

Sometimes due to some types of the elbow fractures this surgery can be best option especially for aging adults. Due to age factor or some specific condition like weak bones due to osteoporosis, sometime surgical correction of bones with plates and screws is not possible in that case joint replacement is the best solution.

In following conditions elbow treatments are offered like

  • Complex elbow trauma
  • Elbow arthroscopy
  • Total elbow replacement
  • Radial head replacement
  • Stiff elbow
  • Newer modalities like stem cell therapy
  • Advanced rehabilitation therapy

Basically this surgery is done if the elbow joint is badly damaged and patient is unable to use arm and have severe pain. In the following conditions this surgery can be performed

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bad or unsuccessful past elbow surgery
  • Badly broken bone in upper or lower arm
  • Badly damaged or term elbow tissue
  • Tumor inside or around the elbow


Before the surgery, it is important to understand this procedure so before surgery sufficient information is provided to patient to take the decision for the surgery as per recommendations of the surgeon.

  • In the prior meeting doubts, questions and concerns of the patients are sorted out by the experts.
  • Before the surgery health of the patient is examined so that surgery could be performed only in the best health condition so even the surgeon can recommend you to have your physical examination from your regular doctor.
  • Medical history of the patient is also important to know so that any contradiction from any medication or some risky health condition can be prevented during treatment.
  • Along with the physical fitness there is need to be mentally prepare for the surgery so our experts help you to prepare for the joint replacement results as otherwise nervousness can also affect the surgery and its results.
  • Before the surgery patient can also ask about the artificial elbow called prosthesis as there are mainly two types of elbows, one is cemented and other is uncemented.


  • Elbow replacement surgery is the simple procedure done under the general anesthesia. General anesthesia puts the patient to sleep while in some cases regional anesthesia is also given to the patients that only numb the nerves of arm so that patient could not feel pain but for comfort during the surgery sometimes medications are also given to patient.
  • After the anesthesia, as most of the blood vessels and the nerves are inside the elbow so for preventing damage incision is made in the back of the elbow joint.
  • Then the tendons and ligaments are moved out of way by the experts and the ulnar nerve is also moved with ulnar nerve.
  • Then the experts, remove joint surfaces of ulna and the radius carefully
  • Special rasp is used to hollow out the marrow space within the ulna to hold metal stem of the ulnar component of artificial joint.
  • Sometimes Rasp is used to insert the ulnar component into bone and sometime to reshape the hole in ulna.
  • After fitting ulnar component the procedure is repeated for the humerus.
  • After the fitting of both pieces of the implant , working of hinge is evaluated if it works correctly then implant is removed and cemented bone is used and pieces of bone are cemented to put together
  • In the last step of the surgery, incision is sewed and patient is shifted to recovery room


  • According to the implant used, elbow is positioned straight or slightly bent postion after surgery. In some cases small plastic tubes are used to drain the blood so that excessive swelling can be prevented. On same day or next day this tube can be removed.
  • On next day assisted elbow moments can be started by the physical therapist
  • Surgeon may ask you to visit after 5-7 days for checkup and after two weeks stitches are removed and sometime absorbable stitches are used.
  • You can expect recovery in 2-3 months. As per recommendations of the trained therapist you may start elbow moments


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  • We provide 24/7 total care system
  • We use pioneered diagnostic examinations and surgical techniques to provide you the quality treatment