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Sedentary lifestyle has no doubt given comfort and convenience to people but it has also raised various health issues. Lack of sufficient physical exertion and spending time by sitting in front of computer screens has raised the serious problems like cervical spondylosis even in the early ages less than 40.

The youngsters are suffering due to degenerative weakening of the spinal disc that is caused by the incorrect posture and overuse of neck muscles.


The bones and protective cartilage in the neck are prone to wear and tear so can lead to cervical spondylosis and this condition can be caused by following reasons

  • Bone spurs are common cause for this condition. Sometime the overgrowth of bone can press delicate areas of spine such as spinal cord and nerves so can lead to pain
  • Spinal bones have the thick pad like cushions called discs that absorb the shock of lifting, and twisting. Sometime gel like material inside the discs get dry so lead to rubbing of bones and cause the neck pain
  • In some cases leaked material of disks due to cracks in them can has press on them so can result in the arm numbness and sciatica
  • Neck injury during fall or any accident can also cause the neck pain
  • Sometime stiffness of the cords that connect the spinal bones can also cause this condition and results the difficulty in neck movement
  • Repetitive activities like heavy lifting can put extra pressure on the spine and result in neck pain due to early wear and tear of cartilage and bones
  • Holding the neck in uncomfortable position for prolonged duration can also cause neck pain and even some genetic factors can also cause this condition in few cases.


People that are suffering from this condition sometime do not have the significant symptoms  but as per the studies the symptoms for this condition can vary from mild to severe depending on the problem and even can be gradual or suddenly occurring.

Patients of Cervical spondylosis generally have one common symptoms of pain around the shoulder blade and pain along the arms and fingers. This common painful condition can increase in following conditions like

  • While standing for longer time
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • While tilting the neck backward

Apart from this common sign the patients also complaint for the weaken muscles which prevent them to lift the arm or grasp the objects firmly. This condition also varies individual to individual.

There are also some other symptoms of this condition as follows

  • Neck stiffness that become worse with time
  • Patient is having severe headache in the back of head
  • Patient can the symptom of tingling or numbness of the shoulder and arms and even sometime this can be experienced in legs too

Some patients have also the symptoms like loss of balance and loss of bladder control but these signs are not common but needs the immediate medical attention.



Some neck exercises can help you to have relief from the neck pain. Generally the physical therapists recommend for the exercises like keeping the shoulder straight and moving the neck genially to right as far as it can go and repeat the same for the other side. This neck exercise must be repeated for 5 times for few hours


Generally patients are recommended not to flex their head forward with the stopped back while sitting for work. Even the support of pillow can also help to relieve pain


With the detection of severe Cervical spondylosis issue patient must visit the specialist for the treatment options like there can be some medications that can help the situation and even in few cases doctor suggest for the surgery