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Arthroscopy surgery

Arthroscopic surgeries are used in the treatment or inspection of joints using an arthroscope. Usually, an arthroscopic surgery is a quick procedure and a person can leave the hospital within one day and it is also known as keyhole surgery.

This procedure can be performed on knees, shoulders, hip and elbows. A cutting is made and an arthroscopy is used to view the inside of the joint for example the cartilage, meniscus, ligaments femur and so on.

This method is helpful since it can aide to watch the joint quickly and treat it at the same time. It is used in athletes and other patients to shorten the recovery time and also in cases when the non-surgical treatment fails.

With the medical advancement in medicines and equipment, the doctors can examine you and define the problem that would have taken a lot of time. After the surgery, a bandage is tied to the area and ice applied. It will take some time for the wound to heal and the person is required to keep the bandages clean and do some exercise.

Arthroscopic surgery or keyhole surgery is a quick and excellent procedure performed by our doctors here at our clinic.

An overview of arthroscopic surgeries tends to give rest and hope to patients out there with knee or joint pain and injuries. There are many ways that our knees and joints can get affected which produce pain and dislocation of our bones.

Arthroscopic surgeries are done to eradicate pain for the rest of the life. They are favorable to many patients of all age groups.

What is an Arthroscopic surgery?

This is a surgical procedure that is minimally invasive and is done using a telescopic camera to penetrate through the joint and examine or treat it.

This technique is common today since a small incision is made which is not difficult for the surgeon and the recovery of the patient is in a short while

What is done in Arthroscopy?

The specialized surgeon gets to examine and diagnose the kind of knee or joint problem a patient suffers from. It takes a short time.

A surgeon is able to locate where the problem is with the help of the camera. The bones, joints, femur, tibia, cartilage and muscles are all looked at to treat the patient. Then a surgery is performed.

When to have this kind of surgery?

  • As more treatments are available, it is advisable for the patient to have these until the doctor recommends a surgery
  • In case there is prolonged pain and no effect of other medicines.
  • At times a patient may undergo this kind of surgery immediately after severe accidents or injuries to avoid further complications

Advantages of Arthroscopic surgeries

  • Good for old people. These kinds of surgeries have given a chance to patients aged 50 and above to stop facing pain in their joints
  • They are minimally invasive whereby they prevent bleeding, big wounds and infections to occur
  • The recovery period is short since the wound is small and the patient is not exposed to much pain

Disadvantages of this surgery

  • A patient may suffer from more complications and infections in case no effective postoperative care is given
  • Numbness and knee stiffness can happen
  • Allergies due to anesthesia
  • Blot clots may occur

Important points to keep in mind

  • Anesthesia is administered to a patient before the surgery
  • There is no much pain felt after the surgery
  • Post-operative care and treatment has to be effective
  • The surgeries are done by specialized surgeons that deal with arthritis and bone treatment plus medicine

Recovery time

The patient is removed from the theater room to a recovery room for some hours or days depending on the extent of the surgery

The surgeon will check on you after some hours in addition with nurses

Medicines are given to avoid infection, blot clots and to support better movement

A patient is later discharged but care and treatment have to be followed at home. In case of any emergency, contact the doctor immediately

Generally, recovery time is short and a patient can return to his or her activities

Home treatment and physiotherapy after the surgery

  • The patient is restricted from vigorous exercises and movements
  • Physical therapy is done to help focus on the total and permanent healing of the joint
  • Physiotherapists will teach and help you in movements for example in a wheelchair, walking and climbing stairs
  • They support you in walking and bending

Arthroscopy surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab is performed by the experienced and well-trained surgeons. After the surgery, the doctors will tell you what to do and not do with the best aim of restoring proper movements with no pain.