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Traumatic injuries are the physical injuries that turn to be severe. These injuries are mostly caused by the devastating accidents at home or on roads. These physical injuries need surgeries so for this accident trauma surgery is the stream which deals with the treatments of such injuries including some serious accident cases as emergency call. For this stream trained and experienced doctors with specialties are appointed and Para medical staff also play important role in resuscitating patients with trauma.

Trauma injuries can be in different parts of body as follows and even sometime patient have multiple trauma injuries.

  • Brain
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Face
  • Pelvis
  • Bone
  • Blood vessels
  • Nerves or soft tissues

Patients with these serious injuries need emergency care and only key to save them is immediate and proper treatment.

On such patients following common orthopedic procedures are performed

  1. Nailing

In this procedure long nails and screws are used to fix the fractures of ling bones such as fractures in arms, thighs and legs.

  1. Compression Plating

In this procedure small bones are treated with the plates and screws like forearm and hand. This procedure allows the early mobilization of injured part.

  1. External fixation

If patients have fractures with wounds then there is risk of infection so such patients are treated with the external fixators till the proper healing of soft tissues. It is the temporary mode of treatment till the completion of tissue healing process.

  1. Illizarov fixation (Ring fixation)

This procedure is performed in the areas where normal trauma surgeries can not be performed. It is like the external fixation procedure.

  1. Locking plate fixation

It is the advanced procedure for fixing the weak bones. This procedure is perfect to prevent implant in the old age trauma patients. Plates used in the procedure provide extra rigid fixation.

  1. Minimally invasive fixation (Small incision)

These are minimal invasive surgeries like the cosmetic surgeries. This advanced procedure is used for the small incisions or less tissue damage for quick recovery.


Trauma patients needs the immediate and proper care so following are some basic supports that can be given to such patients

  • If you are injured then check the movements of your body and move your limbs if you are feeling some dizziness after injury
  • If the other person is injured then it is important to check the external injuries and extent of wound and bleeding from the parts like head, neck, arms or abdomen. If there is excess bleeding then try to control it with your palm by pressing.
  • If the injured person is not reacting much and is quite then check his injury and breathing as they need the first attention than the person who can talk or scream after accident
  • If the person is breathing hardly and pulse is not normal then immediately call ambulance and talk to the doctor about entire condition of patient.
  • If you feel that breathing sounds are not there and there can be any obstruction in his/her mouth then you can use middle or index finger to clear that obstruction and proper airway
  • If there is no pulse then he/she needs EAR(External Air Resuscitation) or CPR (Cardio pulmonary recitation). EAR can be mouth to mouth, mouth to nose or mouth to mask.
  • Keep the patient warm and do not give water by mouth as it could lead to choking.

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