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Patients are seen by appointment only

Painless Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery

Our Services


Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery helps to cure pain and restore function in severely affected knee joints. The damaged bone and
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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery involves the removal of affected hip joint due to arthritis and its replacement with an artificial joint made
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Spine Surgery

Severe back pain for a long span may even affect your spine cord therefore you should get a treatment soon. In some cases,
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Accident Trauma Surgery

Traumatic injuries are the physical injuries that turn to be severe. These injuries are mostly caused by the devastating accidents
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Our Doctor


Dr. N. K. Aggarwal

MS Orth. (BHU), Dip Yoga, FICS, MCH Orth., Liverpool (UK)

Chief Consultant, “N K Aggarwal JOINTS & SPINE CENTRE”, Ludhiana

Dr. N.K. Aggarwal is a dedicated Orthopaedic surgeon who is committed to serve his patients with the best of his skills and knowledge. He has successfully performed the knee and hip replacements in hundreds of patients across India. Under his supervision, you will be able to recover soon to a normal life with nominal pain and efforts. Dr. N.K. Aggarwal has extensive experience as a surgeon who has transformed the lives of many patients around the country, by offering the unmatched skills and in- depth knowledge. Patients are assured of complete satisfaction with his surgeries that enable them to regain their normal activity levels.

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O.P.D Days

  • Monday______________________
  • Wednesday______________________
  • Friday______________________

Operation Days

  • Tuesday______________________
  • Thursday______________________
  • Saturday______________________

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