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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee replacement surgery is recommended for patients who are suffering from damaged knee joints due to injury, arthritis, trauma and other severe diseases. The major reason for choosing knee replacement is severe osteoarthritis of knees. Irrespective of the cause of damage to the joint, the pain and stiffness in joint causes troubles in daily activities due to which it is essential to receive the total knee replacement procedure.

Dr. N.K. Agarwal is a specialized and best total knee replacement surgeon in Punjab with wide experience in dealing with patients across India. The surgery is recommended depending on patient’s pain and disability. Total knee replacement is performed successfully on patients of all ages such as of 50 to 80 years old.

Implant Design

How does knee pain affects your overall life

Chronic knee pain due to arthritis obstructs you from your routine activities such as you become unable to walk and take part in the various family events.

Knee replacement offers better feeling

Knee replacement helps you regain the better life as like earlier. The replacements are made in the diverse sizes. The modern designs are made in smaller sizes for females and larger for males with extensive sizing options for accurate fit. Perfect sizing have a significant role in the successful knee implants.

The knee structure comprises of bones, muscles, ligaments and cartilage that allow knee bending and strengthening. Due to knee wear, the bones hit against each other causing pain. With Total Knee replacement, the affected cartilage and bone in the knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial prosthesis made of metal and other durable material.

Perfect implants

Advanced knee implants are made to feel and work like a natural joint. They are made to perform the motions as like natural knee and allow you to bend, and stretch during physical activity.

An orthopaedic surgeon performs the total knee replacement surgery by measuring the essential knee sizes to develop the new implant that fits in your knee position accurately.

Bone coverage is a crucial part of the design for your knee implant. An incorrect implant may extend beyond your bone width that can severely damage the tendons and ligaments in your knee. It may cause joint pain and strange feeling when you walk.

Therefore modern implants are custom designed to fit in the contours and sizes of smaller bones of women and larger bones of men. They offer better fit and great control on your natural motion.

A surgeon chooses the perfect implant after taking your knee measurements, he also keeps your individual requirements and specific activities on priority to offer you the best results with the replaced knee motions. Consult with our surgeons to find the best implant for your knee.

We design a gender specific knee implant in order to offer the better durability and performance of your new knee.

Implant Material

Knee implants are made stronger and more versatile for the modern patients. They are made from advanced materials to offer better function and lasting results.

Earlier the knee implants were made from cobalt and chrome based alloy in addition of plastic components. When metal hits against plastic, the friction is developed that results into release of micro particles that cause implant wear. Over the years, with technology advancement, the latest materials are made such as Oxinium oxidized zirconium that significantly reduces the wear level of the knee implants.

The Oxinium implants are found to be much better than traditional material for their good hardness, smoothness and resistance to scratch. Oxinium implants have low wear rates and they offer better ability to withstand various activity levels and last longer as compare to cobalt chromium based knee implants.

You can get the best advice from an expert Orthopaedic surgeon who will suggest the perfect knee implant for you. An ultimate goal of a surgeon is to offer you the maximum movement and function of your knee for your better life. So, consult with our Orthopaedic surgeon about the suitable implant option for you.


The main goal of Total Knee replacement is to recover the performance of the knee joint for better life. So, the after treatment rehabilitation is highly significant. Following the exercises and various activities as suggested by your physician, you can make your knee replacement surgery a great success.  An individual exercise program is designed by your physical therapist to help you improve your knee flexibility and its strength.

The great success of knee replacement surgery lies in your dedication to rehabilitation. So, in order to receive the good results, you should actively participate in rehabilitation program.