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Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is performed to replace the painful hip joint by an artificial implant. Total hip replacement surgery is performed to ease arthritic pain or repair the severally damaged physical joint for hip fracture treatment which is also called as Avascular Necrosis.

The total hip replacement comprises of replacement of acetabulum and femoral head whilst in hemiarthroplasty only femoral head is replaced. The hip replacement offers the most satisfactory and reliable results such as 97% of patients report better results for above 10 years.

Total hip replacement is recommended for those with degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Arthritis occurs with growing age, injury to hip and congenital defect in hip joint. Dr. N.K. Aggarwal is expert in handling such type of complicated hip and joint problems in India. He has wide specialization in performing the hip replacement surgery with the highest satisfactory results offered.