Things You Don’t know About Chronic Pain

We all experience headache, a crick in the neck, and muscle tension. Studies even show that some people have experienced pain for up to four days. Well, having painkiller is not the only option for managing the pain. In this topic, we will tell you some things about chronic pain which you might not know.

Here are some things which you might not know about chronic pain.

  • Women deal with pain more often

Many reports have suggested that women deal with physical discomfort in any kind of ailment. It is not clear why it happens but it might happen because of genetics, hormones, psychological factors, and immune response. The fluctuation during the menstrual cycle might be one of the reasons for this.

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  • Taking rest is not the best option always

Whenever we experience pain, we always think to move less. However, the doctor does not suggest the same. They often tell the patients to resume the normal working routine as early as possible. You should ask the doctor about physical therapy as it decreases the chances to get surgery, spinal injection, or opioids.

  • Migraine gets worse

In this case, the patient also experiences migraine. One of the research in which around 3664 women were looked at and it was found that around 62% of them have a migraine during perimenopause. When women had a low level of estrogen the risk was higher. The good news is that the birth control pill or estrogen patch helps in treating the issue effectively.

  • Natural Painkillers


People dealing with lower back pain can get benefit by doing yoga as it reduces the discomfort and disability within 6 months.


The traditional Chinese method reduces the frequency of headache and to get relief from back, knee, and neck pain.


Definitely having a massage at a tiring day is the best thing. Additionally, the studies have shown that it does help in reducing the neck and neck pain.

  • Heart health affects the joints

One of the studies found that due to heart health the cartilage cells can breakdown and it can lead to osteoarthritis. It does make sense because if cholesterol is high then it can lead to inflammation which eventually affects the joints.

  • Some food type and some don’t

The patients who drink cherry juice eight ounces 2 times a day for 6 weeks will help to deal with pain. Additionally, salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel also deal with inflammation.

Make sure you consult the doctor at the right time as they can tell you the best treatment option.

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