These Signs May Indicate Your Gout Is Getting Bad

The problem of grout can come and even return with time. But, it is also true that it affects the tissues which result in inflammation. This has also been linked to the problem of metabolic disease and cardiovascular problem which is very painful. In this topic, we will tell you the signs which will indicate the grout issue is getting worse.

When a person suffers from grout, the blood will have too much uric acid. This is actually the substance which the body makes when the food breaks down. With time, the uric acid starts forming crystals which get collected around the joints. It might be possible that at first, you do not face any symptoms. But, if there is inflammation in a certain area then gout will happen which can also result in swelling, redness, and intense pain.

When does this become a long-term issue?

When the level of uric acid is very high in the body, around the joints more crystals start forming around the joints. This can turn into a long-term problem which can be very painful and it can even damage the joints. Make sure you visit the ortho doctor at the right time so that the problem can be prevented at an early stage.

Here are some signs which will indicate that the problem of grout is getting worse:

  • Inflammation happens more often

Over time, the person notices that inflammation is happening continuously and it also lasts for a long time. Due to this, it can even damage the bones and cartilage.

  • Flare-ups in other body parts

Around, 50% of the people when face this issue it first attacks the base of the big toe. When the problem gets worse, it will affect the joints which include the knee and ankle.

  • Bumps are formed under the skin

The uric acid crystals may start collecting around the soft tissue which results in forming the lumps known as tophi. This start appearing on the hands, elbows, ears, and fingers. However, it can even show up on any part of the body.

  • Kidney issue

Actually, the kidney is helpful in getting rid of uric acid present in the body. But, when it gets in excess it starts damaging the organs. The kidney problem is linked with grout and the problem does get worse. This will also include kidney stones, kidney failure, and gouty kidney.

What I can do about the problem?

If the problem starts getting worse then you should consult the doctor at our bone hospital. The doctor will prescribe you medicine so that uric acid level gets in control and also it should not result in any type of complications. According, to your problem they will recommend medications and you need to take them for life so that the uric acid stays normal.

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