The drastic change in Total Knee Replacement surgeries

This procedure is minimally invasive and with a small incision. In this procedure, only the infected parts are replaced which spares the undamaged part of the knee.

Total Hip Replacement surgery in Ludhiana has produced many remarkable changes in patient’s lives especially those that have undergone the robot-assisted technique. The procedure allows few bone and ligaments to be tampered with hence working on only the affected regions

Patients experiencing osteoarthritis due to worn out cartilage this surgery can help them get back on track. This procedure is advisable to patients with advanced arthritis, arthroscopic problems and failed physiotherapy.

The advantages of this robot-assisted procedure

  • With the increasing number of patients opting for this procedure it is bound to become a commonly used technique. Many patients report total ability in their movements after the procedure which sets it apart from other procedures
  • There is a minimum after-surgery pain since the procedure is minimally invasive and performed with a small incision.
  • It quickens the recovery period and reduces the risks associated with hip and knee replacement surgeries
  • The patient is able to walk on the next day after the surgery
  • This procedure is good for younger adults and the old. It can help you get back to your normal exercises or sports like swimming, cycling, golf and tennis

The cost of total knee replacement surgery in Ludhiana is the major concern for many patients rather than the quality of the procedure which has to be the priority. Many patients are afraid of the cost which is normal, but it is rather safer to find the surgeon who will operate on you with the major aim of seeing you a better person.

The actual cost of any knee or hip replacement differs from one surgeon to another but for the start; the cost may range from RS 5500 to RS 9000. This can also increase or decrease as per the procedure to be taken up. In general, the cost of total knee replacement in Ludhiana is much lower than in the other cities and countries.

It should be noted that the robotic procedure may not be suitable for every patient; in this case, it is only the surgeon to decide which patient is suitable for this procedure. Having a knee replacement has solved many patients’ problems, improved mobility helping them return to their normal activities.

Finding the good expert will make the surgery simpler and avoid post-operative complications that include infections, bloo0d clot, and damage to the arteries which may require revision surgeries.

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