Spine Surgery

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Spine Surgery

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Severe back pain for a long span may even affect your spine cord therefore you should get a treatment soon. In some cases, surgery is the sole treatment. Fortunately, many back problems can be fixed with general treatments and do not need invasive procedures.

Aging, trauma and structural issues can affect your spine causing back pain and other problems. Severe back pain normally requires diagnosis by a team of physicians. Before you choose the spine surgery, consult with your specialists for possible options. An investment in time to collect information enables you to make decision to improve your lifestyle by correcting your spine problems.

Considering the general spinal surgeries, a non-operative procedure like physical therapy and pain medicine or bracing is observed prior the surgery is performed. The basic duration for conservative procedure goes between 6 weeks to 6 months. Spine surgery is preferred if general treatment methods like medicines and physical therapies could not offer the required results. Surgery should be chosen only after determining the main cause of pain for example spinal stenosis, scoliosis and herniated disc. Spine surgery should be performed by expert physicians.


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