Reasons of Knee Pain After Arthroscopy

The arthroscopic knee surgery is a surgical method which helps in managing and treating the various knee conditions. The knee arthroscopy is helpful for treating the cartilage injury, ligament problem, meniscus tears, and many other issues. But in some cases, the patient is not able to get relief from knee pain after the surgery. Here are some reasons for knee pain after getting the arthroscopy.

  • Infection

Although having an infection after the arthroscopic surgery is not common. But many people fear to get this after the surgery. Its symptoms are persistent swelling, redness around the incision, the warmth of the joint, fever, and chills. No doubt, it is not common but still, it should be on the top list. This will ensure that the recovery is proper. Otherwise, you have to take additional antibiotics for getting the infection treated and it might require another surgery to get rid of the infection.

  • Not having proper Rehabilitation

Having a knee injury means poor functioning of the knee joint. It is important for the patient to get the mechanical abnormalities right of the knee. Additionally, knee injuries are mainly because of poor mechanisms. Currently, the research is focusing on the issue of dynamic stability.  This means that it is important to know how the knee functions when normal force, as well as movement, is applied. After getting the surgery, it is necessary to get proper rehabilitation so that abnormalities are addresses properly which might have result in the injury. So, it means sufficient rehabilitation is necessary to prevent the pain after the surgery. Make sure you consult the doctor for knee pain treatment.

  • Persistent Swelling

Another symptom which is very common after the surgery is persistent swelling. There are causes which might result in the swelling, so it can be quite difficult to know the exact reason. In some cases, the surgery might leave persistent swelling because of remaining inflammation which is due to trauma from the surgery. You should include these thing applying the ice, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, compression wrap, and braces.

  • Arthritis in the Joint

One of another reason for having knee pain after the surgery is that the cartilage of the knee joint is damaged which cannot be repaired properly by the arthroscopic procedure. In some cases, the issue can occur. But, you should not worry as treatment options are available which help the patient to get relief from the pain.

If you want further information, then you should consult the doctor about the entire process.

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