Natural Ways to Get Health Bones

It is never too early or late to realize the importance of bones. Basically, there are two nutrients which are important for building strong muscles Vitamin D and Calcium. Vitamin D helps in bone growth as well as improving the calcium absorption. Calcium helps in giving support to the bones and the teeth.

If you don’t take proper care then it may lead to several health conditions such as osteoporosis, rickets, and maybe the bone might get broke. Keep this thing in mind that by the age of 50 you should consume calcium of 1000 milligrams, and Vitamin D should be in 200 international units (Ius). People over the age of 50 should get calcium in 1200 milligrams and vitamin D in 400 to 600 IU. We have mentioned some ways by which you can naturally increase the strength of the bones. Moreover, all of them will also be recommended by the ortho doctor if you visit to get the treatment.

  • Healthy Diet

Food plays a very big role in making the bones strong. You should eat food which includes protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K, and manganese. You should food item such as yogurt, nuts, seeds, beans, pastured eggs, legumes, orange juice, wild-caught fish, and fermented cheese.

  • Increase the Vitamin D level

Vitamin d is one of the important components of bone structure. You should sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes as it will prevent the deficiency of Vitamin D. make sure you sit in the sun short time and do not apply sunscreen. More sunlight exposure will be required if the skin tone is dark. You should consult the doctor if the problem is still not going away as they will tell you the best treatment option.

  • Don’t consume a diet of low calorie

If you think to eat less food which helps in making the muscles and bones strong. In fact, it will make the bones even more harmful. Different studies have shown that eating less than 1000 calories will make the bone density very low even if the person has normal-weight as well as overweight and obese. If the women are consuming 925 calories than bone density will decrease from the hip as well as the upper thigh. It is best if you consume 1200 calories at least every day.

  • Intake of food with Zinc and Magnesium

Other important minerals are zinc and magnesium as they play a very major role in making the bones strong. Magnesium is essential because it converts Vitamin D into the active form which promotes absorption of calcium. On the other hand, zinc helps in making the bone-building cells as well as prevent the breakdown of bone.

If you facing problem in excess than you should consult the doctor so that they can start the treatment as soon as possible.

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