Myths and Facts Related to Knee Replacement

In the knee replacement surgery, the worn out or affected knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint which is known as prosthesis. The treatment is very helpful in restoring the strength as well as relieving the pain. Moreover, the success rate of this treatment is around 95%. Despite the fact, the surgery is a really good option but still, people have some misconception regarding this treatment option.

Myth: The surgery of knee replacement is very painful.

Fact: With the advancement in technology it has been made more convenient to do the entire process without any pain. This means the patient will not feel any kind of pain and the entire process will go smoothly.

Myth: The success rate is very low

Fact: During the surgery, the affected or worn out knee is replaced. This helps the patient to perform daily activities without any pain and they are more comfortable. As we have already said, the success rate is around 95% so you should definitely consider this option.

Myth: The knee replacement last for only 10 years.

Fact: The knee replacement last for a lifetime because the surgery is performed with most advanced technology and all the latest technology is used in the treatment.

Myth: Sitting or bending the knee after the surgery is difficult

Fact: This is not true that even after the surgery you cannot bend or sit on the floor. This totally depends on the quality of the surgery, the artificial knee, and after-surgery care. You should consult the doctor if you are facing any issue.

Myth: After the surgery is a problem arises when there is no option

Fact: The chances are very rare but if the problem arises or surgery fails than second surgery can be performed. This is known as revisions surgery, and firstly the reason will be found then the surgery is performed.

Myth: Surgery on both knees cannot be performed at the same time.

Fact: If you want to undergo the surgery for both knees at one time it is possible and it has many advantages. You will be visiting the hospital just once for the surgery, recovery is fast, and pain can be controlled very easily.

Myth: The surgery is not possible after the age of 65.

Fact: For this surgery, age is not considered. Even if you are 65 or 87 the surgery can be successfully performed.

Myth: I cannot drive after the surgery

Fact: You can drive after getting the surgery. In most cases, the patient is able to drive within 6 to 8 weeks of getting the surgery.

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