Most Common Questions about Knee Replacement

In what conditions I need to go for knee replacement?

Actually, there is no right time for knee replacement surgery, but yes, if you experience severe pain and discomfort. Then you will immediately visit the doctor so that he can suggest something.

Are there any alternatives to avoid knee surgery?

Yes, if you do not have chronic pain then you must go with oral medications or creams. In addition, lifestyle changes and physical activities also contribute to good health. You should speak to your surgeon, he will guide about the physical activities so that you can reduce your weight if you are obese.

Do I need any type of anesthesia in the surgery?

Not every surgery need anesthesia but sometimes you need general anesthesia which does not have any type of risk or complications.

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Is this knee replacement surgery painful?

You may experience little discomfort during or after the knee replacement. But this pain will go away within a week. So, no need to get worried about discomfort and pain. Make sure you are following all the instructions of your surgeon in order to avoid pain and discomfort both.

How much time surgery will take to complete?

This is the procedure which takes less time as compared to other medical procedures.

In addition, this procedure only takes 2 hours to complete. And you do not need to stay in the hospital for a longer time.

Do I need any type of changes in a home for faster recovery?

Yes, you need many changes in your home, especially if you are residing on the upper floor. Don’t use stairs for a month or more than a month, only use elevators. If you are unable to change your home settings then you must shift at ground floor for faster recovery.

What should I expect after the knee replacement surgery for faster recovery and rehabilitation?

Firstly you should wear compression clothes for comfort. And you must wear a bandage on your joint so that you can protect your joint from infection. Moreover, you have to follow all the instructions which are given your surgeon for effective and faster recovery.

Is knee replacement surgery permanent solution?

This is the procedure which gives you long term relief such as for 15-20 years you do not need revision. But it only depends on some factors include your age, weight, and physical activities you do daily.

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