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The Cost of a knee replacement surgery

The cost of a knee replacement is no longer something that beats your minds. Our center provides knee replacement surgeries at a friendly cost and there is not much to worry about.

The cost depends on the type of knee replacement and the supplemental treatments that the surgeon may recommend.  The cost may range from RS 200000 to RS 250000 but this can decrease or increase depending on the care and treatment required. There have been many visits to our center just because there are experts in knee and hip replacement surgeries and at a low cost.

We understand the importance of best health and optimized functioning of joints, hence we take is as a goal to provide best knee replacement in India at only justified cost. This surgical procedure follows the replacement or total or damaged knee joint with the artificial implant depending on the extent of problem. This surgery enables the patients not only to get relief from the pain but the quick recovery and restoration of joint functions property.

The cost of knee replacement in India depends on the various factors such as

Type Of Procedure Done

Quality Of Implant Used

Fee Of Surgeon Depending Upon Experience And Expertise

Clinic Choice And Its Policy For Cost Calculation

Facilities Offered By The Clinic

Location And Reputation Of Clinic Can Also Add To Cost

Pre Consultation Charges

Cost Of Hospitalization Such As Cost Of Bed, Operation Theater Charges, Intensive Care uUnit Charges And Charges For Medication If Required

Cost is the definite concern for all middle or rich class people and even they do not want to compromise for the quality so it is important for the patients to understand the cost determining factors ,cost comparison and even the types of knee replacements that can affect the cost of treatment

There are three types of knee replacement surgeries

  1. Bilateral knee replacement in which both knees are replaced
  2. Unilateral knee replacement in which single knee is replaced
  3. Revision knee replacement which is done to make correction to the past knee replacement surgery


Cost of knee replacement can vary in different countries so here is comparison for this surgical procedure

INDIA5,000- 8,00025,00-4,0004,500-5,500

Above table is based on the average cost for the different knee replacement surgeries and it can be generalized that cost of knee replacement is much lower in India still it can be matter of concern for many.

Here, we make  sure that each patient can get cost efficient cure without compromising for the quality of treatment so that this surgical procedure can be made accessible for most of the patients that are seeking for high quality treatment, skilled surgery, safe and prompt results, personalized care  and of course the cost within their budget.