Diet After Knee replacement Surgery

Eating good food which includes all the nutrient and protein is a very essential part of recovery. It will not only help you recover faster but you will feel more energized. So, you can say that the food you will consume will affect your well-being.

After undergoing the knee replacement surgery in India, you have to eat the right kind of food so that the healing is proper as well as natural. Even if you don’t feel hungry make sure to eat something healthy. This will not only help you recover faster but in the long run, you will be more active and your immune system will be able to fight with different problems.

   • Include Lean protein

The most abundant protein in the body is collagen as it helps in getting tissue back together. Typically intake of protein should be around 0.8grams. But after knee replacement in Punjab, you should increase this quantity. You should include at least 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein. If your weight is 68Kg then you should eat 102 to 136 grams of protein in one day. This means per meal it should be 25 to 30 grams and for two snacks 14 to 23 grams.

   • Fiber

To feel energized all day long and concentrate on your work properly you should include soluble as well as insoluble fiber in your diet. Prunes are a very rich source of fiber, so you should eat a few of them each day. Some other food products are beans, legumes, apples, pears, bran flakes, oatmeal, and flax-seed meal.

   • Bell peppers and Citrus Fruit

Vitamin C should be another essential part of your diet. For this, you should include bell pepper in the diet. You will be surprised to know that one medium pepper contains 340 mg. Especially if you have undergone the surgery which has incision then this will really help the wound to heal faster. Other sources are guava, kale, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, and broccoli.

   • Nuts and seeds

Many Seeds and Nuts are excellent sources of zinc. Pumpkin, squash and sesame seeds contain zinc is the very high amount and it helps the immune system to function properly. Moreover, it also helps in developing and activating the cells as well as promote cell growth. Oysters are considered as the highest concentration of zinc.

   • Pineapple & Papaya

Pineapple and papaya contain protease enzymes which help the body to digest proteins. These enzymes such as bromelain and papain help in reducing the swelling and inflammation. The problem is bromelain is found in the stem of the pineapple (that chewy part you do not eat!). Instead you should take a supplement like Bromelain with Quercetin which is a great option.

It is best that you should consult the doctor as they can guide you properly what type of diet you should follow for better results.

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