With advancement in medical sciences and improvement in overall quality of life in last two decades, the average life expectancy of man has increased.  The population of the people above the 60 yrs.  has, therefore, increased and their medical problems have also come to light.  One of the most common disease affecting this age group is wear and tear of joints, also called Osteoarthiritis”.  This commonly involves knee and hip joints.  Persons having this problem cannot move about because of pain in joints and deformity of legs.  Immobility of the person leads to development of many other diseases, for example, the disease of lungs and GIT etc.  The medical science, therefore, faced a challenge to find a solution to these problems.  Medical science stood up to this challenge by inventing Joint Replacement Surgery.  This has been extremely successful for hip and knee joints during last thirty yrs.  Development of this treatment itself has increased the life span of mankind by more than 10 yrs.

About  ten yrs. back, the facilities for Joint Replacement Surgery were not available to a common man and were only available in developed countries or at very few centres in India.  During the last decade with the liberalization of the government policies, latest equipment has become available in India.  Some Indian doctors have also gone abroad and got trained at the best centres in the world and have tried to provide these services at more centres in India.

Dr. N.K. Aggarwal returned to India in 1993 from England and since then he has been endeavoring to improve the Orthopaedic services for the patients in this part of the country.  He is trained at the best centres of the world in Joint Replacement Surgery & Accident Surgery.  After working as the Professor of Joint Replacement Surgery and Accident Surgery at D.M.C. & Hospital and also as Professor & Head, of the Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery at C.M.C. & Hospital,  he has recently joined as the Founder  Director of “Institute of Orthopaedics and Superspeciality Trauma Centre” (IOSTC), stared at Gurdev Hospital. It was felt necessary to open such a dedicated Orthopaedic and Accident service, as it was not always possible to provide state of the art facilities with personal care and at affordable cost to the patients, in big Institutions.

With opening of Joint Replacement Unit at IOSTC, IOSTC in association with Gurde

v Hospital in a noble gesture has decided that all Joint Replacement Surgeries till 31st January 2003 will be done free.  It will be big a relief to patients, as they will not have to pay any operation fee for undergoing Joint Replacement SurgeryIt is expected that more and more people will take benefit from this facility.