Backache Problem in Kids And Teens

It is the prime reason that even the acute or chronic back pain in children is taken seriously by the pediatricians followed by the detailed consultation. These detailed consultation results towards the way to spine specialist for some tests or examination.

Opposite to this, back pain is getting common among the adults unlike the kids and teens who are more resilient and flexible. Types of back injuries also differ in kids and adults due to difference in the flexibility. So the consultation sessions of adults suffering from back pain or any other linked pain results into the radiological studies means MRI or X-ray and even other tests recommended by the specialists.

To understand the problem of back pain in children and teens it is impotant to know about the difference between the types of back pain in kids and teens

Difference of back pain in Kids and Teens

Younger children give comparatively less stress to their spine so they have lesser problem of pain as compared to older children and adults. Younger children do not have much problem of back ache that can be proved medically significant and even they even less sacrifice their comfort zone so their recovery for the back pain problem occur very fast as they avoid repeating discomfortable and painful activities.

However in kids this problem must be taken seriously as it can lead to some serious conditions like spinal tumor, growth or some infections of spine. So if children at very young age complaint for the continuous back pain then it must be addressed seriously by examining the symptoms of infection or tumor. Even one must consult the specialist for medical examination.

In the later age children become more active and aggressive and get indulge in the sports or other physical activities so chances for the injuries in the bones, nerves and tissues of spine get increase. Even the teenagers also test the flexibility of their body up to extreme by various adventurous activities so chances for the injury get increased.

In this age fractures or the disc injuries become very common however their response for the healing is fast but still there can be chances for re injury in the initial damage space which can lead to back pain again on the same place.

Tumors and the infection of spine are not much common among the teenagers however sports injuries can be commonly seen.

In all the ages back pain treatment is usually bed rest for some time and even to keep watch on future activities that can cause the same pain.


 It is quite common among the teens and uncommon to see adolescent scoliosis that could cause back pain. However people with this condition are more likely to develop back pain than others.

In this condition curve is monitored in the children with the regular X- rays so the worse curve can be prevented.

In few cases children have to wear brace to mend the worse curve and if the condition got worst then specialists refer for surgery.

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